Color Me Married; You Don't Have To Choose A White Wedding Gown

Are you a traditional bride or do you want your wedding to reflect a little bit of your quirky side? Step into a bridal store, and you will see white and off-white wedding gowns that seem to go on for miles. While a white dress definitely screams out that you are a bride, you do have a choice when it comes to the color of your couture. Many brides are choosing to add some color to that dress of a lifetime, and you can too. 

A Royal Choice

The white wedding gown is a fairly recent phenomenon. An article on Bustle reveals that the white wedding gown was first worn by Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert in 1840. 

While a white wedding dress has come to symbolize purity or even virginity, this wasn't the case at all for Queen Victoria. She simply liked the color white and chose to wear it for her wedding. At that time in history, white was rarely worn by anyone other than the rich because it was expensive and very difficult to keep clean. By wearing white, Queen Victoria was not proclaiming her innocence but rather displaying her wealth and status. 

People in the Victorian era tended to obsess over subjects like purity, and the white wedding gown became a symbol of a virginal bride. For many years, second time brides or brides with baby bumps were truly shamed into choosing a dress in a pastel blue or pink. 

Bold and Beautiful

While most wedding gowns are still either white or something very similar like ivory, bridal shops are beginning to carry more and more options that are available in colors. When choosing a color to wear while tying the knot, you can choose to make a subtle statement or a loud one. 

Soft Color

Maybe you don't want to wear white or ivory, but you don't want to stray too far off the beaten path either. You'll be pleased to know that there are options that allow you to wear color while still looking very bridal and pleasing your mother. 

  • Champagne is an elegant but understated color in wedding gowns. Its sophistication makes it perfect for a formal evening wedding. 
  • Blush pink is a popular wedding gown color because it offers just a touch of something sweet and sassy. Pink is also very feminine, which helps to keep it feeling bridal. 
  • Spring brides will look amazing in a very subtle blue or green gown. The color can be so light that you only notice the essence of the color when the light hit the dress. 

Statement Color

Some brides believe in going big or going home. If you are a bride wanting to make a strong statement with color, you can choose to wow your wedding guests by showing up in a bold hue that will have every eye on you. 

  • Red is a color that symbolizes passion, joy and intense love. What could be more perfect for a wedding? 
  • Black is a formal color that can appeal to a contemporary bride. Be careful, though. Black is also a traditional funeral color and could upset someone. Check with your grandmother before opting for black. 
  • Any color can be a wedding color. Follow Queen Victoria's original plan, and choose to walk down the aisle in your favorite color. It's a great way to personalize your big day. 

Just a Pop

There is a happy medium between wearing white and bucking tradition in favor or color. You can add a touch of color to a white wedding gown and end up with the best of both worlds. 

  • Choose a colored belt or sash to tie around your waist. Match your bridesmaids or choose elegant black. 
  • Buy a white gown with a colorful insert in the pleating or down the back. Your guests will notice the color, but it won't detract from the dress itself or your bridal look. 
  • Add colorful lace or beading to your white gown. That bit of color will transform your dress and make you stand out as an original. 

You don't have to forego your favorite colors just because you are getting married. This beyond the white bridal gown to discover the dress that is perfect for you. For more information, consider websites like

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