What Should Women Know About Placing Babies For Adoption?

Unintended pregnancies happen, and when they do, the reason for your pregnancy matters less than your next steps forward. For pregnant people who don't want to raise a child, placing their babies for adoption is a viable option. Birth mothers deserve to have all the facts about adoption in order to make their decision. Here are four things women should know about placing their babies for adoption:

1. You will never be pressured into a decision.

Only you can decide whether giving your baby up for adoption is the right choice. Family members, friends, counselors, and adoption agency personnel can provide you with information to guide you, but ultimately, the choice is yours. Case managers and counselors who work at adoption agencies can provide women with information about adoption so they can consider all their options. However, you will never be pressured to make a decision one way or the other. The final say about whether or not to place your baby for adoption will always rest with you.

2. You may be eligible for assistance during your pregnancy.

Some people worry about carrying a pregnancy to term due to a lack of resources. Fortunately, there is assistance available for pregnant women. An adoption agency can help you find assistance programs and determine your eligibility. Having a partner to guide you through the financial assistance application process can make the task less daunting, so you can get the medical care, food stamps, and housing assistance you need to protect your health and the health of your unborn baby.

3. You will have the opportunity to get to know your child's adoptive family during your pregnancy.

Birth mothers who decide to give their babies up for adoption have the opportunity to choose their child's adoptive families. You'll be able to select your child's future parents from a number of eligible families, taking into consideration lifestyle, financial means, and beliefs. However, your knowledge about your child's future family doesn't have to end there. Birth mothers will have the opportunity to meet adoptive families during their pregnancies to determine whether or not those families are a good fit.

4. You can continue to stay in touch with your child after the adoption is finalized.

Finally, birth parents can choose open and semi-open adoption if they'd like to stay in touch with their babies after the adoption process is finalized. Open adoption can offer benefits to birth parents and adoptive families alike. After all, children benefit from having many loving adults in their lives.

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